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Preparation of Panhellenic Exams
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In the heart of Nice, Attica, the "Pleiades" Study Center undertakes the daily study of high school students, as well as their preparation for the demanding Panhellenic Examinations.

High School Daily Study
At the "Pleiades" Study Center, the education of high school students is treated as a process of continuous development. Small classes ensure individual attention and a uniform learning environment. Flexibility in the schedule helps students to fit study into their daily schedule, according to their needs and obligations.

Preparation for Panhellenic Exams
In the context of the students' preparation for the Panhellenic Examinations, the "Pleiades" Study Center covers all the critical points of the subjects being examined. Our teachers, with their experience and expertise, focus on providing a global understanding of the subjects and developing the necessary skills.

Specialized Support and Individual Approach
Each student is treated as a unique individual with unique educational needs. With the support of the "Pleiades" Study Center, students develop not only knowledge, but also the self-confidence and skills they need to realize their educational goals.