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Daily study of high school students
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The "Pleiades" Study Center, with its location in the heart of Nice, Attica, diligently undertakes the daily study of high school students, offering a comprehensive educational experience.

High School Daily Study
At the "Pleiades" Study Center, we understand the importance of daily study for high school students. We offer study hours aimed at achieving a desired level of educational outcomes, encouraging the active participation and development of each student.

Philology Courses: Support and Specialization
For high school students, we offer specialized courses in philology subjects such as ancient, literature and exposition. The small classes ensure a uniform level of students, while teaching is done in a separate way. We aim to fill gaps, teach new phenomena and lay a solid foundation for the transition to the next grades.

The Challenge of the Modern Greek Language - Report
The teaching of Modern Greek and exposition is treated with special attention, knowing that these subjects are challenging for many students. Through our experience, we have understood the difficulties that arise and ensure that the teaching of these courses is tailored to the needs of each student. We aim to place special emphasis on these courses, preparing students for their future career choice.