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School study of primary school students
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At the "Pleiades" Study Center in Nikaia Attica, the school study of primary school students is a constantly evolving process, characterized by new, modern and unique approaches.

Small Departments for Individual Care
In the world of the "Pleiades" Study Center, school studies become a truly personalized journey. Students participate in small classes, allowing individual attention that ensures their best understanding and development. Uniformity in classes ensures an environment of collaboration and growth, while flexibility in hours is adapted to the unique needs of each student.

Specialized Learning Support
At the "Pleiades" Study Center it is not just a classroom. It is a space where students can develop their written language and understand mathematical concepts with specialist support. Here, the alphabet becomes a game for first-timers, while pre-learning is integrated into creative constructions.

Special Courses As Needed
As the school year progresses, we realize how important the individualized approach is. That is why, if deemed necessary, we offer private lessons, adapted to the needs of each student, without additional burden on the parents.

At the "Pleiades" Study Center, education becomes more simple, fun and effective. Here, learning is not just a task, but a journey of discovery and growth.