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Pleiades - Study Center
Middle Education Tutor - Daily Study of Students - Small Classes
- Preparation of Panhellenic Exams - Robotics - Nice Attica


The "Pleiades" Study Center in Nikaia Attica is a modern and unique Secondary Education Tutoring Center, dedicated to the development of Elementary, Middle and High School students. Our philosophy focuses on the personal approach, the homogeneity of the departments and the flexibility of the timetable, adapted to the needs of each student.


Elementary: Development with an Innovative Approach
Elementary school studies at our Center stand out for the development it offers to students. Small class sizes allow for individual attention, while flexible hours serve the needs of each family. Strategically focused on the development of written language and mathematical concepts, we provide special attention to literacy with fun constructions.

High School: Preparing for the Challenges of the Future
Single high school or EPAL? At the "Pleiades" Center we offer career guidance, helping students choose the right path. Close communication with teachers ensures not only the resolution of questions, but also the exchange of views with parents.

Evolution in Language Teaching
In our Center, the teaching of the modern Greek language is based on communicative methods. We aim to develop the functional role of language and the exchange of ideas, allowing the student to make full use of their knowledge.

Philology Courses: Reinforcement and Preparation
For high school and high school students, we offer small classes with a uniform level of students. Philological subjects, such as ancient, literature and exposition, are taught in a specialized way to fill gaps, teach new phenomena and lay a solid foundation for the transition to the next grades.


Aware of the challenges posed by the Modern Greek language - exposure, we give special weight to this course, preparing students for any choice they may make in the future.

At the "Pleiades" Study Center we are committed to providing not only knowledge, but also the necessary support for the development of each student.